About Modern Catholic

Are you a Catholic who feels a bit flabby?

Do you feel drawn to a deeper connection with your faith, but don’t know where to begin?  When leaving Mass, do you have a feeling that your life doesn’t quite match your words in Mass?  Or you’ve been away from the faith, and now want to really live your faith, not merely attend Mass once a week?

Do you feel flabby, out of shape physically, but don’t know how to apply Catholic principles to get into good condition?

Are your family finances a shamble after the Great Recession?  Or do you feel that you should be doing more but you don’t know where to begin to integrate your family finances with your faith?

You’ve come to the right place.  Modern Catholic is dedicated to helping Catholics deepen their faith, become more physically and financially fit, all while being true to the principles of Catholicism.

You’ll soon be able to join Modern Catholic and receive regular e-mails.  You will be guided through baby steps to help you set up routines, put your life, and your finances in order.

Join anytime you want.  There’s no cost.

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