An Abortion Every 1-1/2 Minutes of Every Day

That’s Planned Parenthood’s “production rate” last year, according to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report.  A total of 333,964 abortions were performed by Planned Parenthood affiliates last year.

The report also discloses that federal, state and local governments provided $542.4 million to Planned Parenthood affiliates last year.  That’s where the abortions are committed.

In the report, Planned Parenthood claims abortions represented only 3% of total procedures.  That may be true, but it’s also beside the point.  In Planned Parenthood’s accounting of procedures, handing out a $9 package of birth control pills is the same as performing an abortion.  The fact is that every 1-1/2 minutes of every day, an abortion is performed at a Planned Parenthood facility.

Most of the rest of Planned Parenthood’s medical services are aimed at treating the natural result of the sexual revolution Planned Parenthood (and Hugh Hefner) have promoted.  It provided 4,475,000 treatments for sexually transmitted infections and diseases, 3,436,815 contraception treatments.

Those treatments included disbursing oral contraceptives to 756,523 clients.  The World Health Organization has labeled The Pill a Class 1 carcinogen, just like asbestos and tobacco, which may explain why  12% of all treatments Planned Parenthood provided — 1.3 million — were cancer screenings.

Planned Parenthood provided 1.15 million pregnancy tests last year.  Since 333,964 abortion procedures were provided, this means Planned Parenthood provides 1 abortion for every 3.45 pregnancy tests it administers.

Planned Parenthood would have us believe it isn’t an abortion mill operation, but provides “health services” to women.  Those “health services” are almost exclusively focused on preventing pregnancy, whether by killing babies in the womb or providing contraception/sterilization services.

What most worries Planned Parenthood clients?  Fully 41% of all services rendered were testing and treating STIs/STDs.  STIs/STDs can be almost completely avoided by having sex only with a committed marriage.  Abstinence, however, isn’t something Planned Parenthood promotes:  “Abstinence-only programs are one of the religious right’s greatest challenges to the nation’s sexual health,” it says in a “fact sheet” issued October 2007.


About Joel Whitaker

Joel Whitaker is a long-time professional journalist (Tampa Bay Times, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Bulletin, Institutional Investor, executive newsletters) and Catholic convert. He is the RCIA coordinator for his parish.
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