The Christian case for gay marriage: The Smackdown

CNN had a piece entitled My Take: The Christian case for gay marriage.   But over at Pantheos Catholic Channel Marc takes the argument apart.  We commend it to your consideration.  You can read it here:

In another Patheos post, Elizabeth Scalia, a Benedictine Oblate and managing editor of Pantheos’s Catholic Channel explains why as much as the gay marriage issue is about feelings, Catholicism insists on thinking, not feeling:

Jesus does love everyone. He also, as he demonstrated throughout scripture, confronted everyone honestly, with love balanced by both truth and justice. I always think of Christ in the center of the Cross, the culmination of truth and justice, balanced on either side of the horizontal beam. One cannot have Christ and not have truth; one cannot love Justice yet fumble it through a filter of feelings. The Justice and Truth get sticky in all that goo.

This is why Catholicism insists on thinking over feeling — which certainly seems very mean to a world hellbent on doing whatever it feels like — and because the church thinks, it often confounds. The same people who love the bishops for their pro-immigrant stance hate the bishops for their anti-abortion rhetoric, and vice versa, and people get frustrated and express anger that the church is not wholly on board with their ways of thinking.

But the church is not here to be on-board with anyone’s thinking
, or even to be loved. She is here to keep Christ, physically and spiritually, in our world and in our lives. That was the whole point of Christ giving Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, and the authority to loosen or hold bound. The church, as His Body and his Bride (the two are one flesh), is meant to confront each of us, as Christ did, with love balanced by truth and justice. Like Nicodemus, whom Christ urged to keep thinking, we are called to reason, and like the hemorrhagic woman who dared to seek healing on the sly, we are meant to face Christ squarely, and be who we are.


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Joel Whitaker is a long-time professional journalist (Tampa Bay Times, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Bulletin, Institutional Investor, executive newsletters) and Catholic convert. He is the RCIA coordinator for his parish.
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